Alone. Thinking. Waiting. Crying. Screaming ... but they can't hear!


Sorry that I haven’t been on tumblr for a while … things haven’t been too good plus I start GCSE’s this year and next year so it’s stressful if you know what I mean right … flicking hell. Well back anyhow .. so yay! More fucked up posts coming your way !! HOORAY!   

Everyone always blames me they always blame me :,(

Family: *insults my weight*

Family: *insults my interests*

Family: *insults my friends*

Family: *insults my music*

Family: *judges me constantly*

Family: you're being so rude why aren't you spending time with us

yourenosaint asked
(part 2) You're so strong. And i know you think you're weak but i believe in you so much. You're here. You're here for a reason. And i know that doesn't solve anything but the thing is I wanted you to know how important you are to me and that i care and that i might now have all the answers but i'll listen to your problems and i'll care and try my best to make you smile or feel less alone. Message me whenever you need to, ok?

Okay I definitely will thank youu sweetie :) You’ve really made me feel like I worth something … and I haven’t felt that in a long time xx

yourenosaint asked
(part 1) Hii, i'm not sure if you know who i am, you follow me but if we all knew everyone we followed then yeah anyways.. I saw you liked a post of mine and check you out. And i've been looking through your blog. I'm so so sorry that you're struggling so badly. I know you say everyone treats you like shit and that's not true, i don't. but i'm sorry people are. But you have to start by not treating yourself like trash, ok? You're not nothing, you're beautiful. You're not a failure.

Thankyouu sooo much !! :’) I really needed that glad to see that someone cares :) xx

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Uhm … earliest human memory must be, Gugu Gaga ?? xD